Advance your diversity and inclusion efforts by engaging your interns.

Build a diverse team from the ground up.


Partner with your interns to build strategic partnerships with schools and students and share what it's like to be a part of your organization.

With inPerson, let's evolve your campus recruiting strategy to meet the needs of your future hires today. 

How Intern Engagement Works

Early Talent Planning

We work 1:1 with you to figure out what your campus recruiting needs are.

Ambassador Training

We provide a world-class recruiting and Diversity & Inclusion training for your interns and turn them into credible campus coordinators.

Activity Tracking

We provide the FREE tool to keep track of your ambassadors activity on campus so you can prove the ROI of your program.


Campus Ambassador Program

Redefining the role

"Wear t-shirts and pass out water bottles"


Most student ambassador programs rely on gut feelings and old methods that can be costly.

Instead, we train your ambassadors in real-time and give them access to training modules to turn them into trusted advisors. 

Inclusive Recruiting Strategy

An effective diversity recruiting strategy isn’t only about which job boards you subscribe to or the tools you use.

It's about creating an inclusive recruiting strategy that: 


  1. addresses specific questions

  2. accurately evokes the company culture

  3. eases doubt in potential candidates’ minds when they ask themselves, "how do I fit in?"

So by using your ambassadors and keeping track of their activity, you can increase your diversity, inclusion, and belonging hiring strategy with the added benefits of hiring from referrals and building a unique pipeline. 

Campus Recruiting Data

"What gets measured, gets done."

On the recruiter's dashboard, you can dive deep into metrics reports and operate with meaningful data automatically.