7 Ways to Tackle Boredom

Does this sound like you? 🤔

You come across Instagram worthy motivational quotes, inspirational sound-bytes or simply just wake up with an energetic mentality to seize the day.... AND Then...

All the energy and the fuel that got you started, slowly goes away? 😴😴😴 AND Now... You're right back to being bored?

We've all been there.

Getting into a mundane routine of class and downtime made us live for the weekends only to dread the weekdays. 🛌🛌

With this horrible mindset, being bored was an option we had to throw away immediately. 😬

Here, we discuss the 7 easy things we can all do today to curb boredom: http://bit.ly/PracPassion7

P.S. Your loved ones are going to appreciate #7

Much Love,

Alex & Rishav