Blueprint to Valuable Recruiting

Updated: Jul 18

Imagine you had the opportunity to chat with Pam or Kelsey

Pam is a campus recruiter and she'll gauge if you're a good fit for the role

She'll build rapport, ask you questions, pitch you the company a little bit, and try to move the interview forward if there is a fit

Kelsey takes a different approach. If you meet with her, she'll share new ideas that can help you in your career

Would you choose to meet with Pam or Kelsey?

Kelsey, right?


Because Kelsey might give you some tips that can help you excel in your career. You TRUST Kelsey

Pam? Well, you don't get much out of the interview with her unless you're desperate for the job right then and there. You don't trust Pam

Why's this important?

Well, 90%+ top students you're interviewing aren't evaluating just YOUR offer when you interview them

So if one of your main drivers is "candidate experience"

You need to be more like Kelsey

Instead of offering just an interview, offer to share some advice that can help your candidates in their career journey

In this scenario, Pam and Kelsey are fake names

But in this conversation, Tarah is real and she is a REAL GOOD campus recruiter

So would spending a few minutes listening to her WHOLE blueprint be a value add to you? It would?

Then click on the link for the video below :)