Dan Black, Head of Global Recruiting @ EY, How to WIN the Talent War.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I bet I can read your mind. Don't believe me?

Okay fine - I lied. I can't read EVERYONE'S but...

If you're an executive, a recruiter or in the business of people, I bet I can read yours. Watch.

1) Remember the time you got SO excited about attracting the next generation of workers? So much so that you got up an hour early to iron your best-looking clothes and packed your trunk with pens, pop-sockets, and posters to drive for HOURS to a campus career fair ONLY to be approached by a student and the FIRST thing they ask you is: "...So what do you do and who are you?"


2) OR remember the time when you sat in on a meeting about employer branding? You know the meeting where Bob and Susan are fighting over which ping-pong table will attract the best candidates and Erica the executive is rolling her eyes because in her world, "people should be LUCKY to come work for us"


3) And oh, remember Tim and the hiring manager fiasco? Every candidate you source, interview, and schedule is NOT "just not what he had in mind...?"


...Yeah, I told you I could read it. Right now, there's a war for talent. And That's EXACTLY why we sat down with Dan Black to build a battle plan for 2020. Watch the video for a quick peek below:

As the global recruiting leader for EY responsible for bringing in around 15,000 hires in the U.S. and about 80,000 globally, Dan teaches you:

1) the EXACT questions you need to ask YOUR team to attract millennials and Gen Z

2) the best ways to get your executives to BUY-IN to your strategies

3) his “7 degrees of why” framework for finding the “right” candidates.

So, while you’re cleaning your inbox, updating your candidate’s status or scrolling through Amazon for some gifts, do yourself a favor and listen here: https://rebrand.ly/DanBlack

Still not convinced? Well, it’s like Bill Belichick teaching you how to win the super bowl and you just saying no…. so, yeah, go take a listen.


Alex & Rishav

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