Networking is NOT...

Does this sound familiar? 

You're told to grow YOUR network, but the moment you attend a career fair, happy hour or any event around your community, you simply can't get past the small talk? 

Well, we found ourselves in these situations far too often. We were told to go "network" without understanding how to form valuable relationships and value those connections. 

After series of long conversations with our mentors and having to fail and fail fast, we remind ourselves that: 

- Networking is NOT selling

- STOP making a game to collect the most business cards and START making connections 

- Networking is NOT just for Type A extroverts

We started our podcast series, Practically Passionate, for this very reason - to break these ambiguous situations down to bite sized pieces. We want to empower young professionals everywhere so that we can foster a community to learn from our collective wins as well as our failures. This time, we're back at it again talking about the power behind networking and the stories we're fortunate to share with great companies such as Google and many more... 

Take a listen here:

What are your guys' thoughts?? Any networking tips to share? 

Much Love,

Alex & Rishav