The Season of Virtual Internships...How will you approach this?

Updated: Jul 18

9 Seasons and 208 EPISODES later..... 😵

Let me ask you something - have you ever watched a series you loved for YEARS only to HATE it after watching the finale?

If so - welcome to my feelings about How I Met Your Mother

FYI -- this feeling is described as the "peak-end-rule"

Just a fancy psychology term that means people basically judge an experience by its peak and its end rather than every moment

So - what does this have to do with your virtual internships?!? Summarizing a few key points from my conversations with Kristen Garbarino, here's what you need to think about:

1️⃣ When you make people feel good, they are likely to love you back (Duh, right...?)

BUT a perfect example of something to think about is your executive lunch & learn series. Remind those leaders to keep it short AND keep it lighthearted

Yes, they're college students, but they're not aliens...

They're humans and humans like to laugh

2️⃣ Good ol' "thank you" goes a long way

For many managers, this is their FIRST time managing an intern REMOTELY

Do they know how to do it? Do they know how to properly evaluate them and send them off properly?!

It's up to you to help them create a process to thank them and send them off the right way

Tactical and Timely - check out this video below!

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