We Made The Biggest Mistakes On Our Resumes and How You Can Avoid It

We came into our freshman year of college with a TWO page "resume." It was a grocery list-esque document filled with generic "accomplishments" that showcased nothing. Oh, hang on, it gets worse... We had PARAGRAPHS elaborating on our professional experience with written statements such as, "I dealt with many people from nice ones to even furious ones." 

Yup. It was awful. It was a document, but it wasn't a resume.  This was 4 years ago. 4 years ago when we were lost, confused and naive.  However, the improvement and exposure to the DOs/DONTs came from our yearning to seek feedback.  Every advice given by our faculty administrators, peers and professional colleagues were setting the foundation to something better. A special shout-out to the mentors who provided us with the well needed advice to craft our authentic stories. 

Alexander Strathdee and I have consolidated all these tips that has worked for us here: http://bit.ly/PracPassion4

To all my peers here, do you remember crafting your FIRST resume? How was your experience?

Much Love,

Alex & Rishav