Well, why would I negotiate my salary when this is my first job out of college?

"What if they take my offer away?" 

Hint: Don't do this. It's not realistic.

Sound familiar? 

According to a survey conducted by NerdWallet, out of 8,000 college graduates, only 38% negotiated with their employers. 🎓 In fact, when we tried to enter into negotiation, we chickened out and became uncomfortable with the dialogue.

It's not a skill that's being taught in the classrooms and the resources available are filled with "tips" suggesting to "negotiate anything." 👎👎 This was a topic requested by so many, but a topic that we knew NOTHING about.  It was the perfect opportunity to bring Rashique Mustahseen to the Practically Passionate podcast. Even as an intern, Rashique was able to negotiate his wage.

Being successful in this front from the start, he shares his practical insights to helping us all become better negotiators. Figure out how he did here: http://bit.ly/PracPassionSalary

"All the research that you've done, that's the backbone of your ask." - Rashique Mustahseen 🤝👔📋👩‍💼👨‍💼

Much Love,

Alex & Rishav