Why Restrictive Diets Will Always Fail

Restrictive diets have become popularized as ways to lose weight fast, but restrictive diets always fail despite their claims. If you want to find out why restrictive diets do not work, here is what you should know. 

You’ll Feel Too Hungry

Typically, it is normal to experience a little bit of hunger during a diet, but restrictive diets can make you experience ravenous hunger. That is why there are safer alternatives to lose weight, such as Prima weight loss, to help you lose weight without making you feel like you are starving.

Usually, restrictive diets go to the extreme when it comes to calorie restriction. For example, let’s say your normal calorie intake should be 1,800 calories. A restrictive diet would force you to follow a 500-1,200 calorie diet, which is far too low for anyone to try.

You Do Not Learn Good Eating Habits

Usually, diets are meant to help teach you healthier eating habits to sustain healthy weight loss and maintain a good weight. However, restrictive diets do the opposite of that and give you a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Restrictive diets teach people that food is the enemy and that the only way to lose weight is to deprive yourself. All of these ideas can greatly damage someone’s mental state and health.

Firstly, food is something that we need because we must nourish our bodies. Secondly, restrictive diets do not even work, so you would not be losing weight when you starve yourself.

You will not learn anything beneficial from following a restrictive diet. If anything, they will distort your views on food, which is why it is better to opt for healthier diets, Prima pills, exercise, etc.

You Lose Motivation

Normally, restrictive diets can negatively impact your mental health because you are putting your body through a lot of unneeded stress. You will likely have symptoms of depression due to being hungry.

In turn, you will likely lose motivation to continue your weight loss journey because it will make people think dieting has to be extreme. In reality, dieting does not have to deprive you of food.

You Only Lose Water Weight

Finally, the main reason why restrictive diets fail is that you almost never lose any real fat. Usually, the only type of weight that you would lose is water weight and lean muscle mass.

This occurs because your body’s metabolism will adapt to whatever you are eating. So instead of burning the same amount of calories you normally would, your metabolism would slow down to survive on the food you are eating.

In fact, this would actually cause you to gain more weight once you stop the restrictive diet. Trying to eat normally after starving yourself could cause you to gain weight drastically because your metabolism would be very slow.


Restrictive diets are a gimmick that people make to trick people. Restrictive diets never work because it only starves the body of food, and restrictive diets almost never target any fat loss because you only lose lean muscle mass and water weight.